When I began my career as artist, it was strictly for personal pursuits. First, I needed a way to make living, I needed flexibility and freedom, and I needed to do it on my own terms. After I established my style of self expression, I needed to understand how was my art contributing to those around me and those that had my art. I learned that my art either filled a gap in people's understanding of themselves, or it resonated completely with a part of themselves that they loved. Finally, as I became established in my art career, I knew that my art needed to contribute to something more immediate and much bigger than myself.

One night I watched "Sex Trafficking in America" and I was horrified that I was not more aware of the slavery that still exists to this day. I have had no experience of this nature, and I don't relate to this these atrocities as a personal experience, but my imagination put me in such a place and the horror of it effected me deeply. I understood that this a cause that I wanted to support the best way I can.

I did a search and discovered No More Tears, USA , located in Miami, Florida, and founded by Somy Ali. Somy herself was abused in terrible ways as a teenager, and has made it her life mission to offer safety to those that are experiencing the same pain today. Since Somy founded No More Tears in 2007, NMT has provided housing, legal counsel, therapy and/or medical support to over 30,000 women. NMT is run completely by volunteers, and there isn't anyone that takes a salary. All money goes to immediate help for victims of trafficking and domestic violence.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence has increased drastically as troubled families are locked away in their homes, and many not returning to work. Help is needed now more than ever.

In my efforts to help the best way I can, during the COVID-19 pandemic I will be donating 20% of my art sales to NMT. I feel fortunate that I have a choice to live my life the way I choose to live it, I get to take responsibility for the good and the bad parts of it, and I can't lay blame to anyone else. This is a great gift. If it were ever taken away from me I am not sure how I would survive.

There are so many victims that received help through NMT that are now strong, healthy, and giving back in any way they can to help other victims. I admire their strength and courage greatly, and want help in this continuous struggle.

Below are various links to more information about NO MORE TEARS, USA with greater detail to their mission and its founder. On YouTube there are powerful videos of those that have survived their own personal hells, and many links in which you can donate NMT.

Please be grateful for the freedom that you have, and capacity to take care of yourselves during this time, and help if you can to those that don't have that choice.

Thank you very much, and be safe. ❤️❤️❤️








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I am not sure exactly how many weeks we are into this pandemic, but I sincerely hope that everyone is safe, taking care of their minds, bodies, and souls. Isolation can wreak havic on the mind, don't let it. Be strong, have courage.

I thought that I would be writing much more frequently here, but time is passing quickly and everyday is bleeding into the next. The studio actually has been quite active, with me only, but quite active none the less. Much to my pleasant surprise, people are buying art. I wouldn't have thought this possible in the beginning of the pandemic because the economy took an immediate hit, but still, people are realizing that they, in fact, need art.

Your Home is Your Temple!

This can't be more of a true statement than now. This actually was said to me many years ago by a collector and, unfortunately, I took it lightly, but not lightly enough that I am now able to recall this moment like it was yesterday.

You are in your homes consistently, regularly, day in, day out, hour after hour, and we don't know when it will end. I don't believe that anyone ever anticipated this much time in their home. And yet, this is what most are working for, to put the roof over the head and the food on the table. Here it is, the home that you created, it is now, more than ever, your fortress, your refuge, your protector, your comforter, your temple.

How does it feel?

It is very normal that most of us worry about interior design, about what we choose in our homes to communicate who we are to the world. Most objects in a home are carefully thought out, especially those of a practical matter. The couch, its comfort level and seating capacity, the durability of a dining table, the plushness of a rug. These objects all serve both as function and aesthetic.

But the walls? The objects on the coffee table and the shelves in the bedroom? The empty corner in the large living room? What will go there?

Here is where I speak intensely on the intrinsic value of art to ones home. Art has a brilliant capacity to help us understand ourselves, and then to communicate who we are to others. It is difficult for us to understand how aesthetic things can be repositioned to reveal the deeper psychology of ourselves.

For those that have art in their home, what does it really say to you? About you? Does it remind you of long gone memory that brings you joy, sorrow, or a space in between? Does it bring the feeling of hope in a time that you experience as turbulent? Does it balance some frailty inside yourself that you didn't realize, or doesn't simply balance the aesthetic of your home? Did you grow from the art, did you awaken to a part of you didn't realize and feel a new perspective on yourself? Or on the world? Did you get challenged by the art, or simply did you want to beautify your home?

And for those of you that don't have art in your home, you can ask similar questions. Do I need balance in my space or in my psyche, do I need relief and joy, do I need something that touches my heart, or do I need something that reminds me of hope and beauty? Do I need something nostalgic to remind me of a time past? What is missing? What needs to wake up?

Ask these questions of your home, of yourself, and art can fill in the blanks. The most beautiful aspect of art in your home is that it is not practical, it is MAGICAL. You don't walk, sleep, or sit on it. It's there only for you. It is transformative for you and all that see it. It adds curiosity, love, conversation, discovery, contemplation, memories, perspectives, opinions, fears, joy, a deep piece of you to any space and to anyone that is in its attendance. It is so much more than something to fill an empty space.

I know that this may seem like a sales pitch, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. But it is something we may all want to think about as we sit in our temples. This is, in fact, a perfect time to explore art, to discover what pulls you, why it pulls you, and does it fill in any blanks in the heart and the wall.

The internet is exploding with brilliant artists everywhere. Just type local artist and there will be plenty to choose from. You can buy online directly, or contact the artist himself/herself and have a beautiful piece made for your home, and you never have to leave! FaceTime and UPS, you can have a masterpiece in no time!

At least take a look, I mean, what else are you going to do? 😏

Everyone be safe, sanitized, and solaced..much love to you all.

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I have been contemplating writing a blog for YEARS! I mean YEARS! But I had the same reservations, or excuses, as any wanna be blogger. "I am not a writer, I am a painter" or "I don't know what to write" or "I have to much to write" or "My father will torment me with spelling and grammar errors". All of the above are true, I am gonna do it anyway, what the hell.

Now is a perfect time, and not because I am not busy, an artist life is never left without anything to do, but maybe those that aren't that busy will have the time to read it. Hey, I can be as interesting as anyone else trying to find meaning in the the time of Corona.

My life, as an artist, has not changed much. The irony of being an artist is that one aspect of our work is to share our version of our world, but in order to do that we must separate ourselves from the world in order to create our version of it. So the artist life can be very isolating and alienating. I have been practicing this solo show for years now, so I feel I got this lockdown, down.

In fact, social distancing, or as I prefer to call it, respectful social awareness, relieves me of many underlying anxieties that I didn't even realized plagued me (no pun intended) until now. Where am I going to go tonight? What am I going to wear? Do I really need to shave my legs? Should I paint or Salsa dance, paint or go an art show, paint or go meet the girlies at happy hour? Maybe I can have the girlies here for happy hour while I paint?

Where to go and who to see is out of the equation, and I really, really, really like this temporary freedom. Now I am available physically and mentally to do so many things that I have severely been putting off. For example, beginning this blog, or read those books I have been carrying around for DECADES, meditate, or finally do my taxes (This, is in fact, is the singularly most painful act for me, besides a root canal, I think I will meditate.)

However, like everyone else, certain anxieties remain the same. Where is the money? Always in the end, where is the money going to come from? I remember painfully this dread during the financial crisis of 2009. However, I do look back at that time and remember how much the fear of what could have happened caused so much more emotional and psychological torment than was necessary that this time I made a concrete commitment to not go to that debilitating place over something that I can't control. I mean, everything that I feared would happen actually did happen, and I am all the better for it. So I am not going there.

SO what can I control? My artwork.

What will I create now in the time of Corona? Art that will forever mark this time in history. Art that is intended for hope and inspiration in a time of distress. Art that feeds the heart and inspires transcendence and opulence into the world. Art that makes you forget. Art that makes you remember that; this too, shall pass.

Today I am feeling calm, optimistic, and actually happy. But I am aware that this is only today. (Truth be told, I'm starting to get a bit itchy about formatting this blog; a techie I am not, another reason not to blog.) This blog with explore all the facets of an artists life, or really my life, in all its diversities. My intention is not to glorify myself, or nurture narcissistic tendencies. It is, in fact, for me on a personal growth level. I need an outlet to organize my thoughts, to be clear about my intentions and discover really what is important to me. Sometimes I will be funny, sometimes I may be pissed, and sometimes I just might make you cry. If I do, then my writing skills are rocking! Another irony of the fine artist is that we use paintings to express our inner world, but, at least for me, I don't always have the words to explain my painting. I am now exploring another avenue of creation, the capacity to communicate more truthfully and authentically, with words, not only in painting.

This is enough for me write for now. This was really hard. Seriously. I am exhausted. I feel like I just wrote Anna Karennina. Wow, this is going to be a long journey. Just the formatting was difficult, It will get better, I promise, hang in there with me.

Please, all comments and dialougue welcome. That is part of this endeavor, and I want to hear everything everyone has to say, the good, the bad, and the ugly, Bring it on, I'm not scared!

Thank you very much for being here. Be safe, sanitized, and solaced.

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